Wednesday, 19 April 2017

#165 The Parents of Oude Pekela - As Satan Spawns from the Grave of a Thousand Infants

Describing this isn't easy. This is from the same vein as Apator, Exmortes, and similar. This concept album deals with a small town associated with Satanic Rituals and Child Abuse, and the whole release is based around the concept of the children tortured to death. It's extremely harrowing subject matter, and deeply unsettling.

I suggest listening with headphones, darkness, and a real focused mind. This release will unsettle you horribly, and there's very few musical experiences like it.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

#164 Felon Wind - Ipse Faciet

I know this is a recent release, but it goes against the grain in many ways. Firstly, this was recently released rather secretly as a one-off side project of Wulkanaz. It doesn't seem to have been given an official release - I got my copy (this post is a direct rip of said tape) from the artist directly.

The reasons I chose to post this so soon are simply because it's actually hard to find, it featured in my image contest (and was subsequently revealed by some eagle-eyed readers), and it's damned good and already on numerous request lists.

I'll not divulge too much into the sounds and concepts found herewithin - discover it at your own remit. I don't expect too many of you to dislike this.

Friday, 7 April 2017

#163 Spellbound - Brave Hordes of War

The second of the nine from the zoomed in picture thread is now here - and NS warnings to those that wish for them. I doubt you were shocked by the preview picture, to be fair.

This is the second release from a rather obscure Brazilian Horde. I can't find the first, so if anyone can, I'll be rather grateful.

Edit : Despite owning this rip for over a year, it appears that just last week, someone posted both releases to YouTube. I feel I should add that this wasn't a rip from there. Bad timing, as always EC...

How does it sound? I think you'll like it. It's a bit ahead of it's time. The guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are very deep and gruff, and the drums, despite being the weakest part of the demo, are both relevant and somehow weak at the same time.

This being said, it's not a bad release at all.

Friday, 31 March 2017

#162 Ruined Sanctuary - Vibrations of Guillotine and Prayers

So the first winner of the image voting "contest" has been picked. I wasn't expecting this one to win it - but I can see why by the previews. It's quintessentially rather traditional black metal in it's facade.

This is the only demo by Chilean horde "Ruined Sanctuary". I ripped this tape a while back but hadn't had a good cause to really unleash it on you all. Having re listened to it, this seemed like a great chance. This encompasses a number of influences and styles; from Sludge and Doom to extremely Raw black metal. For those with any knowledge of the Chilean scene, this is the solo project of one of ex-Hetroertzen guitarist Nicholas Onfray.

I think the amalgamation of techniques and styles may impress, especially for those with a penchant of relatively drawn out craftsmanship.

Don't forget to keep checking out the post for more revelations.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

GAME : Pick the next release (Visual clues only)

Edit : #4, #3 and number #1  have now been revealed.

I thought i'd try something different. I've already decided what the next 9 releases for the blog are going to be, and for some time I'd toyed with resurrecting the old "Vote!" system.

This time, I'll be doing the same - however I won't be listing any information. Because I am deeply bored and slightly insane, I've cropped out a very curious part of the album / demo cover for each prospective release.

This is the only clue you'll get to the identity of each of the next Nine uploads. I've made it so you can't easily figure them out by reverse image searching, either.

I've ensured that all corners of the Earth are representing, and there's a good mix of quality and obscurity, with the grand aim of at least 1-2 of the releases appealing to someone.

Next to each image is a number. Vote by commenting the number of the image that you like the look of / want to see posted the most.

Also, serious internet points to anyone able to identify any of the releases.





Revealed first!




8. (Excuse the terrible formatting on this, I'm getting tired of trying to fix it)

Revealed Fourth!


Sunday, 26 March 2017

#161 Nekrodrone - To Walk as Lifeless Husks

I've had a pretty intense torrent of real-life bullshit entrenching me the last few weeks, but I decided to make time in between yet enough inconvenient (unexpected, and deeply unappreciated) house move to give the Yesteryear a bit of a seeing-to.

On request of a couple of you, here's one from my own personal wishlist that I came across recently. Ripping this was a complete cunt. Nekrodrone is an Aussie based outlet that was released through The Throat later on in it's gestation period.

This is the first demo, and the one that seemed to escape any kind of rip or conversion. It's not lacking in substance or merit, for those that like this kind of tinny and aggressive cacophony. I'd advise staying away if you like a polished, Watain-esque sheen to your black metal. If you do, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog anyway. There's nothing for you here!

"To Walk as Lifeless Husks" sums up our futile existence - any walk through a crowded area will instantly generate hopelessness - millions of slack-jawed luddites pawing away at any digital device they possibly can, desperate to further drown in useless information. It's nice to put this every-day shit to music.

 Also bonus points for naming the last track after my favourite place on Earth. If you close your eyes and imagine it just right, you're standing between the mile after mile of Beech and Oak, touching one of thousands of noose-caressed bodies. Mount Fuji roars in approval of this sacrifice, and the pure nihilism and despair is at its thickest. You can breathe it in, blow it out, almost like a cigarette lovingly rolled with the most toxic and sorrowful chemical known to mankind - dread.

A very powerful release.