Thursday, 18 May 2017

#171 Rattenkönig - Blood Perversions

After a hiatus, here's another reveal from the mystery demos post. This was the one I was hoping would win, as Rattenkonig are an essential part of perhaps one of the coolest labels out there right now, from one of the greatest bm scenes.

It's quite obvious why - this band is in extremely high demand, alongside label mates Mardraum, Blood Ritual, Salvation and many more. Raw BM as it was meant to be - and I can't get enough of it.

They might be the Rat King, but I'd happily be the Pied Piper.

#170 Zadögoat - IntraveInöuz Goat Kömmand

Fourth and final demo by this perverted, aggressive German duo. If you like noisy, disgusting and rather unethical bm, proceed.

Nö further dezcrIptIön needed, az the band wöuld say. (I swear, Umlauts and S/Z switches are becoming to metal what ASCII was to the internet in 2005.)


#169 Gudlos - Flames of Freedom

Don't ask me anything about this demo - I simply haven't got a clue. M-A yields nothing more than the updates I made, and the lineup of this band is unknown. I can't remember where or how I even found this demo; but I guess that makes it a worthy candidate for the library here.

The Czech scene has never been one I've really gotten into - but if any band has a shot of breaking my resistance, Gudlos isn't a bad try. Nice Acoustic intro, raw and aggressive bm - schizophrenic production - all the usual tropes.

Annoyingly, despite the intro being crisp, the rest of the demo is quieter and rawer, despite me boosting sound the best I can to keep it at a listenable quality.

Bear with it, there's gold in these here hills.

#168 Zijl - Bloodbath in Heathens Land

This effort was on my wants list for years, and was finally obtained recently from a former band member of Allan (Duke Zijl) - thank you.

Hailing from Perth, WA, Zijl is a professional assault of polished black metal with a blistering pace and aggression, and you know what? It's fucking great. Fans of Darklord and Atomizer will enjoy this.

I never expect too much from a release, but it's fair to say this really impressed me, and I sincerely doubt any of you will dislike it.

HIGHLY essential.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

#167 Bleak Forest - Morbid Funeral Inside your Cunt

I'll be returning to the "9 masked" releases at a later date - my efforts being hindered by one of them being utter shit and not worthy of this blog, and two others being posted elsewhere, beating me to it.

A promise is a promise, though. In the meantime, have the second and last demo by this Aussie outlet. Subtlety isn't their middle name at all. What a great title!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

#166 Trörkrvisätänsrökrëh / Anderkrasü / Exhrpändra Ek - Movretmakre Indvrlihbrost Anderkrasüp

I can assure you that your browser hasn't crashed - this release is just another in the vein of artists performing lip service to Les Legions Noires - sometimes with genuine vision, and sometimes with utter disregard and pure inability to perform anything of genuine interest.

I'm going to avoid a write up on this one, and let you guys enter this release with no preconceptions.
Let me know what you think... I can already hear Velkaarn over at Asmodian Coven sighing.