Saturday, 29 October 2016

#136 Cernunnos - The Forgotten Age of Heathenism

Bit rate : 250 (variable)

Source : I've had this a few years, and recall trading it via a series of CD-R exchanges, maybe circa 2006? Either way, I understand this is still somewhat of a lost recording, on numerous "wants lists".

I think it's been worth the re-discovery. I won't spoil the mystery of this release too much by harping on about how it sounds, but it has a sheen and finesse to it that I think will greatly appeal to many of you.

Monday, 24 October 2016

#135 Via Dolorosa - S.S Vir Alle

Bit rate : 320
Source : Own Rip

I've sat on this one for a while, as I don't want this one band to outweigh anything else on the archives of BMYY. There's quite an ask for early / rare VD material however, and this is probably the best candidate I'll ever supply.

This is the second ever demo, going back to 2001, and until now, the rarest of the 130 or so releases (allegedly). This is an odd tape - early versions of band classics such as "Absolutely Krieg" are mixed in with some rather surreal and utterly bizarre moments. Track 5 is an interview of the band talking in Italian, much like a famous Iron Maiden b-side, however most of you won't understand a word of it, and for a totally obscure pro-fascist band on their second cassette demo, rather pointless and narcissistic. Enjoyable though, if nothing else, for the sense of fun they're having.

The outro is a recording of Sieg Heil Viktoria - one of the SS' most infamous anthems. Yawn.

#134 Malesanctus - Emen Hetan Sargatanas

Bit rate : 192
Source : Unknown.

Generally, when a French black metal band has released a demo, full-length, and/or live recording, there's some semblance of familiarity to said project. Not so much with Malesanctus, who seem to have managed to escape the murky, yet rewarding depths of file-sharing.

This is the first demo from 1998, and will cater nicely to anyone with a penchant for raw, hypnotic black metal. I'll lump this somewhere between Deathspell Omega, Horna, Behexen and Kristallnacht.

I recall getting this on Soulseek some years ago, but the person who supplied it is long forgotten in the annals of time. Let's honor them with some pure black aggression.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

#133 Scatofago - Demo '99

Bitrate : 320
Source : Own rip

I thought it was about time we got back to the spirit of the blog, so this is my rip of the unusual demo tape by French blasphemers Scatofago. The cover art is titled "The fate of three Homosexuals", and the entire release seems to to condemn perversion and erotica, while featuring a few choice nuggets of eye candy in the liner notes (scans are on Discogs).

Musically, this is atypically French, but focusing slightly more on the old-school side of things, previously mastered by Profanatica and such peerage. Not wholly sold on the release if i'm totally truthful, but this is the kind of old school stuff that begat the entire existence of this blog, and I feel that it's more than worth checking out.

Included in the file is the original master rip, with tracks un-separated, if anybody wants to tinker with the original .wav.

#132 Thoraxembalmer - Darkness Beneath

160 Bitrate (Sorry!)

A rather bizarre submission that I found online many years ago that I actually had backed up onto a flash drive, this is the only full length by England's bizarrely named Thoraxembalmer.

Initial glances at the m-a page don't really promise anything special, so I re-approached this with the trepidation of someone approaching any new material by Marduk. I can't say that this release is great, and i'm even reluctant to say that it's good, but there's some material on here that's at least worth listening to.

For the most part, Thoraxembalmer is generic black metal with really fast drums, and hoarse vocals. It's produced terribly though, and this is really only worth downloading for its obscurity alone. I can't find any trace of this anywhere, and probably for good reason.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

#131 Spira - MCMLXXXIV

Spira proved to be quite popular on the old blog, so here's the latest release (3rd album, although a 4th is nearing completion).

This tape was limited to 50 copies, and has recently been re-issued on CDr - I have the last 4 copies of this tape anywhere in the world, sent to me by the artist as thanks for the promotion - if you want a copy, get in touch.

Raw, fast and rather unorthodox black metal. Not an easy band to describe, so i'll leave it at that.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

#130 Mystica - Sanctae Litanie

Bitrate : 320
Source : Direct contribution by artist.

Time for one of my favourite releases recently. This is the only release by Mystica, a one man project of Marco (also in Obscurum Malum). I came about this after tracking Marco down and getting the OM material - he then sent me this as well, and it really, really impressed me.

Mystica is black ambient, in a similar vein to some LLN stuff, Emit, Endvra, Coph Nia, and more - it's actually deeply eerie and unsettling, and some of the vocal effects can almost rival Moevot at times. When the tracks become more "metally", the material really begins to shine. Quite frankly, this is a perfect contribution for this blog.

Marco is the personification of a true musician - he's happy to help, and talk, and when he realised that there are fans outside of Italy over 10 years since anything was written, he was genuinelly moved and appreciative - it is this appreciation that's led to him giving his direct permission for this to be on here - and I'm certain it won't disappoint.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

#129 Casket Lair - Ancient Curse

Format - 320
Source - Own Rip by me

By my own admission, when it comes to write-ups, I either know what I am talking about, or I don't. This is one where I probably don't, so it's best to say little about it. Maybe I can leave it to Velkaarn who is an expert at all things Finnish.

What I can comfortably say is that this is the only demo by an act from Finland that hasn't really become very well known at all. In fact, in 8 years not a single track of this seems to have made it online. I don't understand why. I think it's time to change that.

#128 Yfel-Dond - Aetlaetnes Aet Abraham

Format : 320
Source : Original rip by me.

A very, very unusual release, that's for certain. This is the only release by utterly bizarre and elusive American duo Yfel-Dond. This is one of those that was on metal-archives, but with no info as to a tracklisting, cover art, or anything other than a mention that this existed.

Having managed to track down a copy via the only distro stocking it on the entire internet, I was a little stunned at the utter failure for this project to have any kind of presence at all.

Granted, it isn't the best thing I've ever heard, but it sums up the m-a description of Pagan Black Metal / Ambient, rather nicely. The titles seem to be in some sort of saxon dialect - possibly Gewissae? (Come to think of it, their dialect is more fluent, using words such as "wisgmidas".) Regardless, this is interesting indeed.


Buy original.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

#127 Black Howling - Wolf Metal

Bit rate : 320
Source : Ripped by me - This is a Dub of an original tape, and therefore despite my best efforts, the sound is VERY quiet. Apologies - if you can boost it to a more acceptable level, please feel free to get in touch, for my eternal appreciation.

This is one of the Black Howling demos that never got out, due to the limited number (33, I think?) and coincidental fact that no one with a copy felt the need to rip it - and why should they?

Hence why I resorted to getting a dub of it. I can't comment too much on it due to the poor quality, but I'm sure one of you out there can assist with that.

#126 Isvind - The Call of the Ice Wind

Format : 320
Source : My Rip

So I've actually had this tape a year or so now, and was toying with posting it on BMYY Version 1 for quite some time, but my own narcissism prevented me from doing so for fear of it falling into the wrong hands - it's not often I get to own a rare demo tape by a cult Norwegian band of the early 90's. But hoarding it won't do anyone any good, and I know there's hundreds of people searching for this, so here it is. It's excellent.

You're very welcome.

#125 Self Mutilation - When Satan Fucks God

Format : 224
Source : YouTube

Not wanting to get in the habit of separating full releases from YouTube, this is an exception I'm glad to have made because I couldn't find this demo anywhere else, and it's fucking sublime.

Look at that album title, first of all. Satanic BM at its finest, played very fast, reminiscent of early Marduk. This demo really caught my eye due to some exceptional guitar melodies and solos.

Like many, many demos from that time period and region, this just has an edge to it that makes me sadly wonder what could have been.

#124 Asmodeus - Supreme Surrender

Format : 320
Source : My rip

- (Long story - I bought this a while back as a gift to my good friend Borderline1991, as she'd been looking for it for a long time. I Shared it to a very small number of people, and during my downtime, somebody got a hold of the rip and spread it across a few of the Eastern-European sites). Ultimately, this was never intended to be spread, but as it already has been, I am posting it here now as a homecoming of sorts.

Moving along from that, this is the elusive first demo by Austrian BM prodigies Asmodeus - and IMO, their best demo. You'll see why. Dark Redeemer in particular is as supreme as the title likes to suggest. Fast, almost frenetic guitars, great mood setting, and first-rate craftsmenship? You'll struggle to dislike this.

#123 Ecce Hommo - Mankind was a Project

Bit rate : 320
Limitation : 33 copies (Cassette)
Source : Me (I purchased this tape a while ago and ripped it, but the rip got lost when my drive died, and I since re-sold the item. This is a digital version of the release that I requested with proof of original purchase - hence the clear lack of tape hiss).

Ecce Hommo is an evolution of Hyperborean - a cult Brazilian act featured on the previous blog. This seems to be the only release that hasn't seen light of day, perhaps due to the limitation of the cassette - who knows?

Either way, here it is. Great artwork, great concept. Let's hope the project continues to evolve.

#122 Burial Place - The Majesty of the Ancient Island

Format : 320
Source : Provided by a band member with permission to share here. Thank you.

There's certainly an element of irony to the fact that the first post on the new blog happens to be one of the most sought after on the old blog - a tape in fact, that I've been looking for since 2001.

You can probably thank the Bassist of Burial Place for this blog existing now, as his out of the blue contact with me yesterday kick started me into getting this show back on the road.

Anyway, this is the first demo tape by the group, 19 years ago. It's really something quite intriguing - I'm not a huge fan of Symphonic BM, but the release title dangled an unreachable bone at me for quite some time. 

What will you hear here? Certainly a lot of majesty. Some beautiful riffs and acoustics, reminding me of bands like Draconian, sounding way more progressive and accomplished than an introductory demo tape has any entitlement to actually sound.

Regardless, you'll find out for yourself, no doubt.

Edit : Strangely, each track seems to cut off about 2 seconds before the end. I'll talk to the bassist and see if I can get a better version up. Sorry about that.