Sunday, 25 December 2016

#146 Zettilmeyer - Frozen Sea

Moving on from the bit rate abortion that was #145, here's something I've had on my personal wants list since 2007. It wasn't the easiest thing to find, and I've done somethings I'm not proud of (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?). But here, in glorious 320, is the only release by Zettilmeyer.

I'll be quite blunt - this was worth hearing and i'm  happy to have finally crossed it off, but it's nothing special, and I can't say I'm disappointed that there's not more material. With that in mind however, this is one to chronicle under "time immemorial", and If I'm honest; there's much worse out there currently posing as "mainstream black metal".

Give it a go. At least it's not Deafhaven.

#145 Templum - Pu Llawfen Ellkawi

Apparently I lost track of time and didn't realise quite how long it's been since the last post - oops! Let's get the wheels back onto the wagon; but before we do - time for a few observations.

Firstly, this week marks 1 year of Yesteryear's existence - so hurray, or something. What better time to resurface then on a time of the year dedicated to the birth of the bastard yeshua that we all love to hate. On that note, I wish everyone reading this a successful and prosperous festive period.

Secondly, without any due warning, one of the scenes biggest and arguably most valuable blogs has disappeared from the internet without a trace, including all associated email addresses - leaving 9 years and thousands of releases lost forever into the void. I'll say no more on the matter in case I somehow tempt the same fate from our new Googolian overlords. (Is that even a word? - who cares, this Whiskey is good *Hic!*)

Now, onto this contribution itself. This is the first demo from one of Brazil's finest hordes. Released way back in 1995, it wasn't until 2003 that any further material from Templum surfaced. Listening to this, I find it hard to understand why.

As with all things Brazil, it's best to listen with no preconceptions and see what you think. I'd be a little surprised if this offering was met with anything less than lukewarm appreciation and rejuvenation.

Sorry about the terrible bitrate. I'll have myself flogged as is usual policy; rules are rules. I'll return later after the self-flagellation for a few more contributions.