Sunday, 27 November 2016

#144 Nathicana - The Redolent Herald of Midnight

Bitrate : 320

Occasionally, I see it fit to repost something rare that made it onto other blogs and sites, but to little fanfare. This is unarguably one such release. Featuring members of Basiliskk, Horn ov Valere, Othendara, and similar, Nathicana is heavily influenced by the lore of HP Lovecraft.

What makes this exceptional (and I really believe that this is the most outstanding band I've discovered since the blog went live - quote me on that!) is how evil it sounds.
The three proper tracks are pure hypnotic black metal, saturated with some very unsettling feelings to them, and if anything ever sounds like R'lyeh put to music, it's this opus.

A tragic shame that this was the only demo, as it's absolutely phenomenal and majestic.


#143 Suicidal Despair - Atrophie

Bit rate : 128

I tend to err on the side of caution with DSBM as I'm not a massive fan of it; however this EP has been surprisingly elusive for quite some time and for completionists - a genuine thorn in the side.

Go ahead and complete the discography. Also, it's Canadian, which gives it immediate credibility.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

#142 Tryskellion - Sur Le Passage de L'ankou

I'm far too tired, cold, and grumpy to perform the usual write-up, but as I was heading to sleep, I was reminded of this classic from my good friend Borderline1991.

I'd classify this as medieval/pagan black metal - it basically sounds like the album cover looks. It's dedicated to walking the passage of death (Ankou, as most of you will know is the Breton / Norman / Kernow personification of death itself).

Extremely primeval sounding, and extremely good!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

#141 Trist Vintry Vandre - Demo '02

It appears that the "Demo 2003" material I posted on the previous blog was an unofficial release, with some of the same tracks as on here. This is the only official release by the group, and it comes with a few pieces not previously posted.

This is a rip from the tape that I had a while back, and is in glorious 320 vbr. NS warning for those of you requiring safe spaces.

The tracks on here missing from the earlier rip are "Intro", "Sevfyr" - which is glorious, and "Oath in Wolves Blood".

#140 Sacrilium - Winds of Sacrilium

I'm going to do something different today; and post this without ever hearing a single note of it. Here's why :

1) I've been looking for this for about 7 years and it finally showed up today randomly on Soulseek. As I'm a little busy right now to do a write up, I wanted to post it immediately as I'm about to go over my budgeted time to spend on the blog today. (Yes, I have to budget to make time... the joys of working a 55 hour week...)

2) Last time I posted something from Chile on the blog (Hammer of Revenge), it was utterly shite. I don't want that disappointment again just now.

3) It's a cool little blog first to let you guys hear it before I do. Let me know in the comments if it's any good!.

#139 Summon the Spirits - Summon the Spirits

On today's earlier post, I touched upon my dislike of Swedish black metal, and mentioned very few exceptions. This is one of those exceptions that I alluded too.

Probably much closer to melodic bm than anything else, both of the demos by this band were sent to me by the vocalist (thank you), as a personal request. I wasn't really expecting to be captivated as much as I was.

This demo in particular consists of song structures that weave and thunder along - melodic and romantic sections lead into clean vocals. In particular, the entire song "The Revenge..." (complete with the beautiful chord progression leading into its main melody) surprised me like very few songs really do these days.

I cannot stress enough just how much this demo shocked me, and although you may not like it as much as I do, I can safely say it's one of my 3 favourite things I've ever posted on here.

#138 Dimhöljd - Erase Mankind

Sorry about the sub-par 192 or so bitrate. This isn't my rip, and it's the only version of this I've ever been able to get my hands on. Truth be told, I've never been a fan of Swedish black metal (with very few obscure exceptions - more on that later this month).

It's odd really as my background was rooted firmly in the fast paced, solo-laden bludgeoning Death Metal genre. I guess the over-polished sheen of bands such as Dissection, Marduk and such just did nothing for me (I am a devout believer that black metal shouldn't have extremely polished studio-quality production). Again, there's always exceptions...

That being said, one of the few aggressive proto-nihilistic bands I've always liked is Dimhöljd. The concept is nothing new, but this particular EP just has enough going for it to suck me in time and time again (just like the vortex on the cover art seems to suggest).

This particular tome of destruction carries me through many a cold and miserable night. I'm comfortable that you'll find the exact same thing. Results may vary.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#137 Corneus - Des Gehörnten Saat

Format : 320
Source - Own Rip.

Here's the second demo by Corneus - one of the most popular and sought-after Grausamkeit side projects. I'm trying something a little different with this and passwording it, to nudge people towards interaction with me via email, comments, Soulseek, and such. Don't worry - it's not going to be a regular occurrence, although there will be the occasional upload that will be encrypted as such.

In a sense, without wanting to rob anyone of anything, I'd like to try and encourage old school trading, and I'm hoping this technique might just make some sort of difference.

Anyway, if you've heard Corneus, you know what to expect. No dog barking on this record, fortunately.

Password : doublebananas99