Sunday, 4 June 2017

#173 Dark Virgin - Promo '93

Here's some more from the fabled wants list talked about previously. This is the only release from the French act known as Dark Virgin. They broke up shortly after this, and in all honesty I am not too surprised.

I had really high hopes for this release - considering it's age, it precedes all of the well known French stuff, and is even dated before the LLN material (Except Moevot - but I doubt this group knew of them back in 1993...)

It's all irrelevant as to be honest, this is nothing  more than interesting and fills a great niche. It's a good job this wasn't a reflection of the zeitgeist of the time, otherwise the French circles as we know them would have been utter shit.

Scans included.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

#172 Ghaltra - Nocturnal Obsession

It appears that antiquities from our wishlist are like buses here in the UK - you can wait ages for one, then several all surface at the same time. This period of gestation is undoubtedly the heralding of exciting times for the Yesteryear however - as this week alone, I've managed to unearth, shine, and prepare no less than 4 items from our decades-long list of rarities.

The first of which comes from Sweden, at the turn of the millennium. Ghaltra was a curious five-piece that released this demo in their childhood years (more on that to come), before bigger and brighter things transpired and they moved on.

Through a chance meeting with ex-guitarist Olof (for this demo, tack sa myket - I can't show gratitude enough), I was finally able to lay eyes and ears on this piece. "Nocturnal Obsession" is a collection of tracks worthy of entering the speakers of any serious metal home. What really makes it excel is the lengthy closing track "Civitas Diaboli".

Drawn-out, ambitious noodly guitars chafe in and out of your sense over an eight minute duration, interwoven with beautiful acoustics and a feeling of majesty not unlike the noisy neighbours next door produced not 8 years prior.

Easily comparible to anything from Norway during the mid 90s, this demo is primitive but deeply talented. Consider that the band were 14 and 15 years old when this was recorded... an age at which I could barely even boil Rice...

Anyway, I digress. Here it is, and what a listen.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

#171 Rattenkönig - Blood Perversions

After a hiatus, here's another reveal from the mystery demos post. This was the one I was hoping would win, as Rattenkonig are an essential part of perhaps one of the coolest labels out there right now, from one of the greatest bm scenes.

It's quite obvious why - this band is in extremely high demand, alongside label mates Mardraum, Blood Ritual, Salvation and many more. Raw BM as it was meant to be - and I can't get enough of it.

They might be the Rat King, but I'd happily be the Pied Piper.

#170 Zadögoat - IntraveInöuz Goat Kömmand

Fourth and final demo by this perverted, aggressive German duo. If you like noisy, disgusting and rather unethical bm, proceed.

Nö further dezcrIptIön needed, az the band wöuld say. (I swear, Umlauts and S/Z switches are becoming to metal what ASCII was to the internet in 2005.)


#169 Gudlos - Flames of Freedom

Don't ask me anything about this demo - I simply haven't got a clue. M-A yields nothing more than the updates I made, and the lineup of this band is unknown. I can't remember where or how I even found this demo; but I guess that makes it a worthy candidate for the library here.

The Czech scene has never been one I've really gotten into - but if any band has a shot of breaking my resistance, Gudlos isn't a bad try. Nice Acoustic intro, raw and aggressive bm - schizophrenic production - all the usual tropes.

Annoyingly, despite the intro being crisp, the rest of the demo is quieter and rawer, despite me boosting sound the best I can to keep it at a listenable quality.

Bear with it, there's gold in these here hills.

#168 Zijl - Bloodbath in Heathens Land

This effort was on my wants list for years, and was finally obtained recently from a former band member of Allan (Duke Zijl) - thank you.

Hailing from Perth, WA, Zijl is a professional assault of polished black metal with a blistering pace and aggression, and you know what? It's fucking great. Fans of Darklord and Atomizer will enjoy this.

I never expect too much from a release, but it's fair to say this really impressed me, and I sincerely doubt any of you will dislike it.

HIGHLY essential.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

#167 Bleak Forest - Morbid Funeral Inside your Cunt

I'll be returning to the "9 masked" releases at a later date - my efforts being hindered by one of them being utter shit and not worthy of this blog, and two others being posted elsewhere, beating me to it.

A promise is a promise, though. In the meantime, have the second and last demo by this Aussie outlet. Subtlety isn't their middle name at all. What a great title!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

#166 Trörkrvisätänsrökrëh / Anderkrasü / Exhrpändra Ek - Movretmakre Indvrlihbrost Anderkrasüp

I can assure you that your browser hasn't crashed - this release is just another in the vein of artists performing lip service to Les Legions Noires - sometimes with genuine vision, and sometimes with utter disregard and pure inability to perform anything of genuine interest.

I'm going to avoid a write up on this one, and let you guys enter this release with no preconceptions.
Let me know what you think... I can already hear Velkaarn over at Asmodian Coven sighing.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

#165 The Parents of Oude Pekela - As Satan Spawns from the Grave of a Thousand Infants

Describing this isn't easy. This is from the same vein as Apator, Exmortes, and similar. This concept album deals with a small town associated with Satanic Rituals and Child Abuse, and the whole release is based around the concept of the children tortured to death. It's extremely harrowing subject matter, and deeply unsettling.

I suggest listening with headphones, darkness, and a real focused mind. This release will unsettle you horribly, and there's very few musical experiences like it.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

#164 Felon Wind - Ipse Faciet

I know this is a recent release, but it goes against the grain in many ways. Firstly, this was recently released rather secretly as a one-off side project of Wulkanaz. It doesn't seem to have been given an official release - I got my copy (this post is a direct rip of said tape) from the artist directly.

The reasons I chose to post this so soon are simply because it's actually hard to find, it featured in my image contest (and was subsequently revealed by some eagle-eyed readers), and it's damned good and already on numerous request lists.

I'll not divulge too much into the sounds and concepts found herewithin - discover it at your own remit. I don't expect too many of you to dislike this.

Friday, 7 April 2017

#163 Spellbound - Brave Hordes of War

The second of the nine from the zoomed in picture thread is now here - and NS warnings to those that wish for them. I doubt you were shocked by the preview picture, to be fair.

This is the second release from a rather obscure Brazilian Horde. I can't find the first, so if anyone can, I'll be rather grateful.

Edit : Despite owning this rip for over a year, it appears that just last week, someone posted both releases to YouTube. I feel I should add that this wasn't a rip from there. Bad timing, as always EC...

How does it sound? I think you'll like it. It's a bit ahead of it's time. The guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are very deep and gruff, and the drums, despite being the weakest part of the demo, are both relevant and somehow weak at the same time.

This being said, it's not a bad release at all.

Friday, 31 March 2017

#162 Ruined Sanctuary - Vibrations of Guillotine and Prayers

So the first winner of the image voting "contest" has been picked. I wasn't expecting this one to win it - but I can see why by the previews. It's quintessentially rather traditional black metal in it's facade.

This is the only demo by Chilean horde "Ruined Sanctuary". I ripped this tape a while back but hadn't had a good cause to really unleash it on you all. Having re listened to it, this seemed like a great chance. This encompasses a number of influences and styles; from Sludge and Doom to extremely Raw black metal. For those with any knowledge of the Chilean scene, this is the solo project of one of ex-Hetroertzen guitarist Nicholas Onfray.

I think the amalgamation of techniques and styles may impress, especially for those with a penchant of relatively drawn out craftsmanship.

Don't forget to keep checking out the post for more revelations.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

GAME : Pick the next release (Visual clues only)

I thought i'd try something different. I've already decided what the next 9 releases for the blog are going to be, and for some time I'd toyed with resurrecting the old "Vote!" system.

This time, I'll be doing the same - however I won't be listing any information. Because I am deeply bored and slightly insane, I've cropped out a very curious part of the album / demo cover for each prospective release.

This is the only clue you'll get to the identity of each of the next Nine uploads. I've made it so you can't easily figure them out by reverse image searching, either.

I've ensured that all corners of the Earth are representing, and there's a good mix of quality and obscurity, with the grand aim of at least 1-2 of the releases appealing to someone.

Next to each image is a number. Vote by commenting the number of the image that you like the look of / want to see posted the most.

Also, serious internet points to anyone able to identify any of the releases.



Revealed Sixth!



Revealed first!


Revealed Fifth!



8. (Excuse the terrible formatting on this, I'm getting tired of trying to fix it)

Revealed Fourth!


Sunday, 26 March 2017

#161 Nekrodrone - To Walk as Lifeless Husks

I've had a pretty intense torrent of real-life bullshit entrenching me the last few weeks, but I decided to make time in between yet enough inconvenient (unexpected, and deeply unappreciated) house move to give the Yesteryear a bit of a seeing-to.

On request of a couple of you, here's one from my own personal wishlist that I came across recently. Ripping this was a complete cunt. Nekrodrone is an Aussie based outlet that was released through The Throat later on in it's gestation period.

This is the first demo, and the one that seemed to escape any kind of rip or conversion. It's not lacking in substance or merit, for those that like this kind of tinny and aggressive cacophony. I'd advise staying away if you like a polished, Watain-esque sheen to your black metal. If you do, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog anyway. There's nothing for you here!

"To Walk as Lifeless Husks" sums up our futile existence - any walk through a crowded area will instantly generate hopelessness - millions of slack-jawed luddites pawing away at any digital device they possibly can, desperate to further drown in useless information. It's nice to put this every-day shit to music.

 Also bonus points for naming the last track after my favourite place on Earth. If you close your eyes and imagine it just right, you're standing between the mile after mile of Beech and Oak, touching one of thousands of noose-caressed bodies. Mount Fuji roars in approval of this sacrifice, and the pure nihilism and despair is at its thickest. You can breathe it in, blow it out, almost like a cigarette lovingly rolled with the most toxic and sorrowful chemical known to mankind - dread.

A very powerful release.

Monday, 13 March 2017

#160 Fekete Fagy - Átokhold

Write-up originally posted for Metal-Archives; February 18th, 2017.

On paper, this tape should be very compelling. The art is fantastic and the band logo one of the best I've seen in some time. After 75 seconds of an acoustic intro, Fekete Fagy leads immediately into a soundscape far superior to that rendered by any of my expectations.

Hypnotic guitar riffs repeat and sound deeply, deeply cold. The drums are full, and jump from aggressive to slow and ritual-like. It'd be fair of me to compare this to Hunok's latest release, or perhaps some of the more contemporary classics from Scandinavia. There's a great deal of aesthetic here that can be claimed as relatively identifiable, if not totally unique. Most of the tracks start with beautifully executed acoustic parts. The black metal itself has a trademark sound that would nestle the band into a list of modern leaders - yet infuriatingly there's nothing here so unique that people are clamouring for more.

In all fairness to this release, it's an excellent listen - this isn't realised recklessly, as it took me a couple of plays to really gel with it - and it's the final track "Álom" that's the clincher here. It has the most coherent bass on the record , and the entire track is deeply woven around a clearly sorrowful mindset - It's reminiscent of the early days of Xasthur, when Scott was innovative (if he ever was - this will no doubt be a talking point for the 5 or so people that are ever likely to read this).

I've been remiss on really discussing the vocals on here - that's pretty much intentional as I can't put a finger on the right vernacular to use. They're not original, or a clone of anything - just generic but well rehearsed; effectively like the rest of this release. However, it's far above any preconceptions, and I'd be surprised if the group didn't record a second demo and make a name for themselves as one of Hungary's break-out bands. It'd be nothing short of deserved.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

#159 Grimwod - Humanities Last Judgement

This is a tape I purchased and ripped a while ago but forgot about, as you do. I picked this up as it was the only release on Putrescence Noire that I couldn't find anywhere. Was I disappointed? Hell-fucking-no.

Starting with a 10 minute long metal track that invokes punk and metal, this tape segues into an archaic-sounding ambient number that reminds me VERY strongly of the first Mortiis tape "A Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost". Not only does it have the same tonality and feel to it, it even has a crackling effect from the tape rip (sorry about that) which I was unable to reduce - however, it adds charm to the ancient sound of it, so bonus, I guess.

I'll apologise for the quality of the later tracks. The rip almost sounds slightly warped, like a REALLY old cassette, but when the music is this good, who the hell really cares?

Highly recommended.

Monday, 27 February 2017

#158 Illapa - Blood and Coca for our Warmaster

Another rip of mine for the patient among you. This is an EP by one of the more obscure acts from Peru. This oddly-titled release is a nod back to Incan (citation needed) cultures, reference tributes to gods and deities alike.

It's also quite a metal title, which is interesting. Although over here in the "cultivated" worlds, Coca makes me think of a hot beverage to send one to sleep - highly doubtful that this is what Illapa intended...

...Unless you really find the music boring and then it's a double whammy of accuracy! Last time I posted something from Peru, it was widely panned as one of the worst articles on the blog. Hopefully this will fare better, or I give up for now. (I have a lot more Peruvian stuff...).

Anyway, worth a listen, right?

#157 Enfer Kommander - Hellish Torments

For as long as I can remember, one of my routines has been to order curious and obscure metal from Japanese distros. This particular one is one of the most obscure things out there.

I won't dither with details and the like - if you like your black metal extremely raw and hateful, you've got it with this release. It comes with a warning though - if you don't like your vocals high-pitched, don't download this. The term "Shrieks" has never been so apt. Fuck. I sold it as soon as I got it. Mistake? You tell me.

Monday, 6 February 2017

#156 Malesanctus - Live in Bullion

I'd promised this one to a couple of you at Yule last year when I posted "Emen Hetan Sargatanas".

I'm not going to type up the usual blurb - reason being that I dislike live albums - there's never been one that's stood out to me, and I don't really see the point of them. (Feel free to flame me below). However, this one seems to be relatively obscure (20 copies, apparently) and in demand.

Hopefully, the collective audience that reads this will be far more entertained than I am with this demo.

Sorry about the 128 bit rate. Best copy I could trade - I don't sadly know anyone with the original.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

#155 Taranis - Forgotten Thunder

Here is the only release from California's Taranis. It appears to be quite a luxurious release to come across, as I've had 6 requests for it over the last 13 months. (Not including my own).

Musically, it's four lengthy tracks, with a much higher quality of production than I expected. It's almost Atmospheric, almost NS - but what makes this a real hit is the clear drum fills and patterns (They sound so rich and alive), the guitar melodies which are extremely easy to hear and quite technical at times, and the vocals are delightfully hateful. The Bass is audible too, which is quite rare these days, although it's quiet at times (Maybe that's what they were referring to when they said "Forgotten Thunder...").

Bon appetit. Or something.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

#154 Abstavzürulezt / Legion Drakuul - Goatkvlte Epidémie

I thought it was about time to re-jump on the LLN Worship bandwagon. Mainly because this is my own rip, and I haven't posted one of those in a while.

Limited to 33 copies, this is as inspired a release as any you'll hear for a while. Abstavzürulezt went on to become Herxsebet, and I believe Legion Drakuul was a non-metal project by the same guys.

Tracklist :

1. Abstavzürulezt - Ah Tvz Wej Nekgromogme? 04:20
2. Abstavzürulezt - Carjamakab Sükuhuktem 10:01
3. Legion Drakuul - Devastated Realms Whispre to My Spirit 04:34
4. Legion Drakuul - Undre the Darkmoon My Kurse Is Woven 09:50
5. Legion Drakuul - Assemblies of Goatkvlte Gathre 03:37


#153 Nekrovoid - Kill the Local Priest

Too many good releases are mentioned on the internet without cover art. It shouldn't be an issue, but I am anal to these things and want to know what the fuck it looked like.

Nekrovoid is an excellent case study for this. I have long considered this demo to be one of the Top 20 Danish demos - an accolade sadly wasted by the tragic death of High Priest Apollus in 2011. Nekrovoid was already done and dusted by then, but feeding us this short demo only? Fuck you, guys.

On a postive note, what an excellent demo title - I think it describes the sound of this demo far better than I ever could, and remains a complete genre cliché while somehow impressing at the same time.

As for the 35% review on M-A? Ignore the shit out of it.


#152 Daemon - Ignis Fatuus

I really wish I had some information on this band to provide you all with, other than the skeletal Metal-Archives blurb. Unfortunately, the 25 years since this demo was released haven't been terribly kind, and Daemon is a long-forgotten group.

Listening to this demo, I'd be happy to file Daemon under ""Melodic Doom", with a touch of Gothic, and a small bit of Black metal". It starts off a little bit more akin to how Scandinavian BM sounded in 1992, but quickly segues into something more Sludgy and Romanesque - the penultimate track features an appealing female lead vocal, and the Outro is certainly appreciated.

This reminds me quite highly of the material by peninsula neighbours, Summon the Spirits, although I hold StS in huge regard.

This is a classic case of a demo showing, and sounding like its age. There's clearly appeal here, and although mileage and results may vary heavily, there's no doubt in my mind that this release will be appreciated by all of you, if nothing else, at least for the effort and time taken to post it.

I enjoy doing this, I really do.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

#151 Wiri Smokkor - Het vage vuur

I've tried my best to find a way to describe this unsual one-man act from the Netherlands for a while now, but the best I can do is "Thokk meets Darkthrone".

Pretty shoddy writing, but at least the m-a page generates ample interest. Not sure on the biography though, the whole "Ancient Vampire" thing was already done in France at least 5 years earlier (and better).

Either way, this isn't a bad demo. Quite raw and extremely hostile, and then at the same time quiet and brooding. Sounds a bit like my ex, actually.

Monday, 23 January 2017

#150 Amalantra - From The Depths...Medieval Ritual Magick

This is the fulfilment of a request from the ever obscure wants list by my esteemed and well-educated colleague Velkaarn, over at Asmodian Coven.

Amalantra is one of the earliest bands to emerge from the surprisingly large Guatemalan scene - with this demo going all the way back to 1993; during the halycon days of our Norwegian heirachy. The issue with the scene over in Guatemala; more so than perhaps any other Central American nation, is the fact that the music simply doesn't seem to escape the region - in fact almost none of it makes its way to the ears of an audience in Europe or Northern America.

I don't think I realised how rare this demo was until I looked into it. I didn't go actively seeking it, oddly enough. It was only when I went to look into it on m-a that I realised it wasn't on there, and was a complete mystery to the internet.

So how did I get it? I'll answer this as I'm often asked by Velkaarn how I source any of his requirements. I've been regularly talking to a "key player" of the Guatemalan scene, as I was looking for info on the numerous new bands added to the archives this month. In my search to do so, I messaged a band page on FaceJew. It was met with a friend request by one of the members; who agreed to send me his material.

Little did I know that the person in question was a member and contributor to this very demo, 24 years ago! Without even asking, or knowing about it, I woke up to this demo in my inbox; and by proxy, a very happy Velkaarn and black metal community. Sometimes, you simply don't have to look.

Either way, what an unusual day! I think I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. Enjoy!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

#149 Ur Nord Germanisch - Ein Mjollnir Statt Ein Kreuz

Now we're in business! This is the first demo tape by the extremely elusive French one-man project "Ur Nord Germanisch".

Although metal-archives identifies the project as Pagan Dark Metal, this is the only demo I've ever been able to find anywhere - and it certainly isn't metal. This is extremely lengthy and encompassing ambient.
If pushed, i'd describe this as Burzum's "Hlidskjalf" with the slow progression and build-up explored best on the long, 25 minute instrumental track from Anathema's first EP.

I'm not sure why this band is so rare or impossible to find any information on. However, it sums up the mission statement of this band perfectly, and quite frankly I feel I needed to post something like this.

Inlays included.

Friday, 20 January 2017

#148 Vanguard - Valour

No cover art for this one, regrettably. This is a release I've loved and lost many times over the years, and finally found once again. Although very little information has circulated, this is a side project of Swine, and for those who rightly hold Swine in high regard - look no more for your dose of "Wow!".

Three tracks of decent length - and by far my favourite is the new and successful take on one of Varg's better ambient tracks.


#147 Ärid - The Earth, A Corpse

There's not much worse than writer's block - or in this case, just total blockdown. I can't think of anything whimsical, studious, or even slightly interesting to write.

Have some Raw Black Metal from the USA, and be grateful - as you lot always are.