Wednesday, 25 January 2017

#151 Wiri Smokkor - Het vage vuur

I've tried my best to find a way to describe this unsual one-man act from the Netherlands for a while now, but the best I can do is "Thokk meets Darkthrone".

Pretty shoddy writing, but at least the m-a page generates ample interest. Not sure on the biography though, the whole "Ancient Vampire" thing was already done in France at least 5 years earlier (and better).

Either way, this isn't a bad demo. Quite raw and extremely hostile, and then at the same time quiet and brooding. Sounds a bit like my ex, actually.

Monday, 23 January 2017

#150 Amalantra - From The Depths...Medieval Ritual Magick

This is the fulfilment of a request from the ever obscure wants list by my esteemed and well-educated colleague Velkaarn, over at Asmodian Coven.

Amalantra is one of the earliest bands to emerge from the surprisingly large Guatemalan scene - with this demo going all the way back to 1993; during the halycon days of our Norwegian heirachy. The issue with the scene over in Guatemala; more so than perhaps any other Central American nation, is the fact that the music simply doesn't seem to escape the region - in fact almost none of it makes its way to the ears of an audience in Europe or Northern America.

I don't think I realised how rare this demo was until I looked into it. I didn't go actively seeking it, oddly enough. It was only when I went to look into it on m-a that I realised it wasn't on there, and was a complete mystery to the internet.

So how did I get it? I'll answer this as I'm often asked by Velkaarn how I source any of his requirements. I've been regularly talking to a "key player" of the Guatemalan scene, as I was looking for info on the numerous new bands added to the archives this month. In my search to do so, I messaged a band page on FaceJew. It was met with a friend request by one of the members; who agreed to send me his material.

Little did I know that the person in question was a member and contributor to this very demo, 24 years ago! Without even asking, or knowing about it, I woke up to this demo in my inbox; and by proxy, a very happy Velkaarn and black metal community. Sometimes, you simply don't have to look.

Either way, what an unusual day! I think I'm off to buy a lottery ticket. Enjoy!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

#149 Ur Nord Germanisch - Ein Mjollnir Statt Ein Kreuz

Now we're in business! This is the first demo tape by the extremely elusive French one-man project "Ur Nord Germanisch".

Although metal-archives identifies the project as Pagan Dark Metal, this is the only demo I've ever been able to find anywhere - and it certainly isn't metal. This is extremely lengthy and encompassing ambient.
If pushed, i'd describe this as Burzum's "Hlidskjalf" with the slow progression and build-up explored best on the long, 25 minute instrumental track from Anathema's first EP.

I'm not sure why this band is so rare or impossible to find any information on. However, it sums up the mission statement of this band perfectly, and quite frankly I feel I needed to post something like this.

Inlays included.

Friday, 20 January 2017

#148 Vanguard - Valour

No cover art for this one, regrettably. This is a release I've loved and lost many times over the years, and finally found once again. Although very little information has circulated, this is a side project of Swine, and for those who rightly hold Swine in high regard - look no more for your dose of "Wow!".

Three tracks of decent length - and by far my favourite is the new and successful take on one of Varg's better ambient tracks.


#147 Ärid - The Earth, A Corpse

There's not much worse than writer's block - or in this case, just total blockdown. I can't think of anything whimsical, studious, or even slightly interesting to write.

Have some Raw Black Metal from the USA, and be grateful - as you lot always are.