Saturday, 4 February 2017

#152 Daemon - Ignis Fatuus

I really wish I had some information on this band to provide you all with, other than the skeletal Metal-Archives blurb. Unfortunately, the 25 years since this demo was released haven't been terribly kind, and Daemon is a long-forgotten group.

Listening to this demo, I'd be happy to file Daemon under ""Melodic Doom", with a touch of Gothic, and a small bit of Black metal". It starts off a little bit more akin to how Scandinavian BM sounded in 1992, but quickly segues into something more Sludgy and Romanesque - the penultimate track features an appealing female lead vocal, and the Outro is certainly appreciated.

This reminds me quite highly of the material by peninsula neighbours, Summon the Spirits, although I hold StS in huge regard.

This is a classic case of a demo showing, and sounding like its age. There's clearly appeal here, and although mileage and results may vary heavily, there's no doubt in my mind that this release will be appreciated by all of you, if nothing else, at least for the effort and time taken to post it.

I enjoy doing this, I really do.


  1. I see you've had a bit of a makeover. ;)

    Oh, this is a great dig, I must say I'm a bit jealous! Looks like someone who originally added this to M-A did not actually listen to it, I would not call this black metal, not even of the slow'n'doomy old school sort I personally am very partial to. First two tracks in I'm actually reminded of Finnish Unholy so black/doom would not be too out of place.

    The title track interlude is a very nice break and the gloom of the last track coupled with it might justify your gothic associations. I've no issue with the sound nor the age of the recording showing through, actually this might be my favourite thing (on initial listen) of what you have posted so far!

    Would really love to see the cover.

  2. No can do on the cover unfortunately. Truth be told, you're the main thought I had when posting this. Perhaps a tribute, if you like. Way out of my comfort zone in terms of overall genre comfort and solidarity, and I'm far from an expert - but I saw "1992" and "Norway" and it just cried out for a post.

    I'm glad that move paid off.

  3. Yeah, it stands out a bit, but at least it's not too mellow or life metal. Knew you would not have a cover but who knows, maybe someone who does stumbles along? Thanks again!

  4. The improvised tag says it all, in certain parts show that style from that clearly drank back on it's day several circles and even bands like Argentum (Mex) and Candle Serenade (Por), just for mentioning a couple ones that hitted a nail as i was tasting this.