Sunday, 5 February 2017

#155 Taranis - Forgotten Thunder

Here is the only release from California's Taranis. It appears to be quite a luxurious release to come across, as I've had 6 requests for it over the last 13 months. (Not including my own).

Musically, it's four lengthy tracks, with a much higher quality of production than I expected. It's almost Atmospheric, almost NS - but what makes this a real hit is the clear drum fills and patterns (They sound so rich and alive), the guitar melodies which are extremely easy to hear and quite technical at times, and the vocals are delightfully hateful. The Bass is audible too, which is quite rare these days, although it's quiet at times (Maybe that's what they were referring to when they said "Forgotten Thunder...").

Bon appetit. Or something.


  1. The thunder should never be forgotten, I love bassy black.

    Listening to it now, can't really put it into any subgenre except fast paced bm, it's quite hateful too and you were right about NS, sounds like NS quite a bit.

    Thank you.

  2. Welcome, Borderline! Seems to be quite a popular article.