Monday, 6 February 2017

#156 Malesanctus - Live in Bullion

I'd promised this one to a couple of you at Yule last year when I posted "Emen Hetan Sargatanas".

I'm not going to type up the usual blurb - reason being that I dislike live albums - there's never been one that's stood out to me, and I don't really see the point of them. (Feel free to flame me below). However, this one seems to be relatively obscure (20 copies, apparently) and in demand.

Hopefully, the collective audience that reads this will be far more entertained than I am with this demo.

Sorry about the 128 bit rate. Best copy I could trade - I don't sadly know anyone with the original.


  1. I like live tapes and albums, at best they offer a chance to experience familiar songs performed with more energy and aggression, or otherwise differently. Interesting unusual songs are not uncommon either, like covers or tracks by old band (Bestial Warlust material at D666 gig for example) and so on. At worst they offer barely recognizable noise posing as your old favourite track. Which on the other hand may be interesting too.

    This one I haven't yet listened, but thanks for giving into peer pressure in this case. May many more follow! :D

  2. Many more will follow indeed! I hope this ticks some boxes for you. You really can't fault it for pure unbridled enthusiasm, regardless of reception.