Monday, 27 February 2017

#158 Illapa - Blood and Coca for our Warmaster

Another rip of mine for the patient among you. This is an EP by one of the more obscure acts from Peru. This oddly-titled release is a nod back to Incan (citation needed) cultures, reference tributes to gods and deities alike.

It's also quite a metal title, which is interesting. Although over here in the "cultivated" worlds, Coca makes me think of a hot beverage to send one to sleep - highly doubtful that this is what Illapa intended...

...Unless you really find the music boring and then it's a double whammy of accuracy! Last time I posted something from Peru, it was widely panned as one of the worst articles on the blog. Hopefully this will fare better, or I give up for now. (I have a lot more Peruvian stuff...).

Anyway, worth a listen, right?


  1. This has nothing to do with Mochica at all! Classic grooves, competant musician and vocal work, an intro that sets on a Mysticum's mood without giving a let down on the next tracks... Even the spanish sung tracks doesn't get ridiculous (as usually tends to happen on most of the cases)

    Hell, if that peruvian stuff are into this way, bring it on!

  2. People hated the Mochica demo? That demo didn't blow me away by any means, but I thought it was pretty good. Admittedly the demo lacked a dark atmosphere, but I'm OK with sunnier varieties of black metal if it's done well enough.

    As for this demo, it's a more traditional black metal affair obviously, but it's decent. Thanks to for both rips.

  3. More than hate i personally found it unappealing. How to say it, it doesn't click anything that made me wanted to listen it again and again. Was more an issue of a personal taste after all but, if you ask me, i wouldn't recomend it.