Sunday, 12 March 2017

#159 Grimwod - Humanities Last Judgement

This is a tape I purchased and ripped a while ago but forgot about, as you do. I picked this up as it was the only release on Putrescence Noire that I couldn't find anywhere. Was I disappointed? Hell-fucking-no.

Starting with a 10 minute long metal track that invokes punk and metal, this tape segues into an archaic-sounding ambient number that reminds me VERY strongly of the first Mortiis tape "A Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost". Not only does it have the same tonality and feel to it, it even has a crackling effect from the tape rip (sorry about that) which I was unable to reduce - however, it adds charm to the ancient sound of it, so bonus, I guess.

I'll apologise for the quality of the later tracks. The rip almost sounds slightly warped, like a REALLY old cassette, but when the music is this good, who the hell really cares?

Highly recommended.


  1. Intriguing description, amazing looking cover. Must be right tailor-made for me, or a trap!

    Thanks as always, EC!

  2. If you ask me those rip "issues" aren't issues at all, they add something to an already good tape, and with it you can conserve that peculiarity forever.

    The Earliest 1st Era Mortiis influence is pretty strong on every ambient passage through the entire demo, making it a trully winner on my eyes.

  3. @Velkaarn : Did you escape the trap ok?
    @ Korg : Thanks for that - glad I made some sense.

    1. You're more than welcome, specially for sharing this piece of greatness.

      As for quality on BM releases i'm more into certain balance between the "nekrosound" and the "technical cleanse", certain projects can be perfectly ruined as they have a crystal clean production that swipes the magic away and others clearly needs a more polished production, but just to reflect certain details that otherwise, could be lost in a maelstrom of audial sickness.

      That could serve as a response to certain quote that Hellhammer himself spewed about BM releases and sound quality a long time ago, by the way.