Sunday, 26 March 2017

#161 Nekrodrone - To Walk as Lifeless Husks

I've had a pretty intense torrent of real-life bullshit entrenching me the last few weeks, but I decided to make time in between yet enough inconvenient (unexpected, and deeply unappreciated) house move to give the Yesteryear a bit of a seeing-to.

On request of a couple of you, here's one from my own personal wishlist that I came across recently. Ripping this was a complete cunt. Nekrodrone is an Aussie based outlet that was released through The Throat later on in it's gestation period.

This is the first demo, and the one that seemed to escape any kind of rip or conversion. It's not lacking in substance or merit, for those that like this kind of tinny and aggressive cacophony. I'd advise staying away if you like a polished, Watain-esque sheen to your black metal. If you do, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog anyway. There's nothing for you here!

"To Walk as Lifeless Husks" sums up our futile existence - any walk through a crowded area will instantly generate hopelessness - millions of slack-jawed luddites pawing away at any digital device they possibly can, desperate to further drown in useless information. It's nice to put this every-day shit to music.

 Also bonus points for naming the last track after my favourite place on Earth. If you close your eyes and imagine it just right, you're standing between the mile after mile of Beech and Oak, touching one of thousands of noose-caressed bodies. Mount Fuji roars in approval of this sacrifice, and the pure nihilism and despair is at its thickest. You can breathe it in, blow it out, almost like a cigarette lovingly rolled with the most toxic and sorrowful chemical known to mankind - dread.

A very powerful release.


  1. I only one thing to complain about this one, why the mix is so low in general volume? I ended up upping it to levels beyond the usual and i listen to my music at not a quite level precisely...

    Still, an interesting demo to throw a ear on when one of those dreadful days have the nice pleasure to stamp it's shit on your own face, specially the last track.

    On a more personal note, hope you overcome to all that crap, man; i knew something was happening as you weren't in SS for a long time.

    1. Concerns I entirely share. For whatever reason the audio boost refused to take when I applied it on the software I use. Almost like an inherent rejection of it, such is the "grimness" of this tape. (If I conform to using such terrible genre tropes on a more regular basis, please assume I'm a wounded animal and have me killed).

      That being said if anyone fancies upping the audio and is able to make it withstand the process, I'd be happy to repost this.

      Thanks for the concern - this blog is never intended to be about me as a person; I merely mention things in my life when they affect the gestation cycle of new releases. I'm all for taking a break but due to the growing popularity and past issues, should the gears grind to a halt it's probably good to let people know I'm still active and have no intentions to pull the life support again.

      I'm taking more time to be more thorough in both my release "blurbs" and subsequent responses. I think it's far more fun to interact with yourselves when I respond to things with more than 12- word answers.

      Watch this space - I have a new idea which I'll be putting across later this week. It heralds back to the days of "vote for the next post"; but with a huge (and hopefully more fun) difference.

    2. I personally could try to up a little the volume of the rip, problem is that the bitrate is limited to 128kbps, which it could be a problem for certain listeners (me isn't as the rip itself gets listenable at all).

      About the personal issues, i know you may want to take them away from this blog and hence why my somehow subtle words. Still it's nice to know that nothing can stop this train right now on it's path of audial destruction.

      As i entered i've seen the "vote for the next post" and i can say it's an insteresting and funny idea at least, hehe. I'll take my time to make a selection but from a first sight i have 2 or 3 candidates for my vote (hope i can select more than one).