Sunday, 6 August 2017


My sincerest apologies for not updating the blog for quite some time. Due to a number of overwhelming factors, I cannot keep up with this currently.

However, there is some good news at foot :

I have recently launched my own cassette label, following in the footsteps of names such as The Throat and Perverse Homage. Once I settle on a logo and get some news under my belt, I will update the blog again. - You never know, I might even post releases on here sometimes.

Due to being modded at M-A, I very rarely upload anything anymore. This is mainly due to time, but also because the last thing I want is any of the other staffers being accused of Piracy by association - I've got a fantastic team I work with and my own mess is not theirs to clean up.

I'm a very active reviewer over there too (link still on homepage), so you can follow my activity and discover new releases that way, if you so desire.

Thanks, and keep your eyes out for future updates to the Yesteryear.

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  1. Metal Archives sucks in community terms as far as i know, still you can correct me if i'm somehow wrong on it.

    Still, that are some good piece of news! It's a pity i don't have cash to get all the stuff you're about to release but i'll keep my eye upon your label just to see what happens on their path, and if things change a bit, do my own part supporting it.

    P.D: If you really need something like a logo, i can tell you that i'm into logo/art designing, somehow amateurish but in the vein we both are looking for. If i can manage a way to show you material, we can talk about it if you want.